Hand Lettering Process - Nap Together

I get asked all the time how my cards are created so when I was designing some of my new cards (all the way back in August) I decided to film my 'digitalisation' process. It's now January (procrastination I know...) and my lovely Boyfriend has edited it all together for me as a timelapse. It pays off having a Video Editor as a boyf ;)

The video shows the final step in the design process, before this, the card is sketched and scribbled out mannnny times in my sketch book. This can be a very lengthy process but when I'm happy with my final sketch I photograph it and bring it into Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes I'm happy with the photographed image and only make little adjustments and change the colours. Other times, like you'll see in the video, I completely re-draw the card.

I'll let the video take it from here...

10,000 Etsy Sales

My Etsy shop reached a pretty big milestone yesterday and hit 10,000 sales!!! I say this all the time but I can't believe how far my shop has come.

I remember when I first opened my Etsy shop, I would come home from work and sit on my laptop for hours working on it. I really worked hard advertising my shop on Facebook, hosting giveaways etc. I got my first sale after a few days and then another one, I actually think 3 came in at once; it was the best thing ever! I'd been working so hard on my shop that I hadn't worked out how I was actually going to print my cards. I had a little desktop printer that I had planned on using but when I printed my orders, they looked dreadful. I remember panicking and the next day rushed out to my local printer who printed them for me. Tip for any new sellers... Test your product!!!

Opening my Etsy shop was one of the best things I've ever done. It really made me feel amazing and it has been a HUGE learning curve. I'll be honest and let you know that its been incredibly stressful at times but now I'm pursuing a career that I absolutely love. I wouldn't have it any other way!

P.S Check out the August sale! Most items are 50% off and will be discontinued at the end of summer!!!!

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August Sale!

This is the first official Sioux Alice sale ever! Most items are 50% off and there's limited stock so get them HERE before they go... forever. That's right, I'm making some room for a lot of new designs coming at the end of summer and getting rid of some oldies!


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Sketchbook Process

I've had such a busy few weeks, I finally brought my kitten, Giuseppe home. I have decorated my study and I'm now starting to think about Christmas designs! (Omg) I have been meaning to write this post for so long as I get a lot of questions about my process and how exactly my cards are created.

I wanted to give you an insight into how my card designs are born. The best way to describe this process is to show you a few of pages from my sketchbook. Designs often take a lot of thought, love and time before they are finished and I wanted to show you exactly how they all start off. 

There are 3 stages to my sketching process:

All my designs are completely hand drawn and most of them start out as a simple sketch on paper. Step one consists of drawing out a few rough sketches to test positioning of words and illustrations. This step is just to test the layout.

In step two I will test different fonts and lettering styles, move some words around but still keep to the general layout in step one. I will also sketch any decoration such as the rings in the 'Someone to Annoy' card. I love seeing how designs develop into their final form and I often make a lot of sketches before coming to a final decision.

Once I'm happy with the layout, fonts and any illustrations, I will create a big final sketch. This is step 3. As you can see this is the stage that looks most like the final product. The final drawing will then be photographed and hand digitalised using Illustrator and my graphics tablet. I then make adjustments to the letters and play around colours until I'm completely happy with how it looks.

So that just about sums up my sketching process. At some point I will do a blog post about how my cards are digitalised and finished in Illustrator but for now I'm going to go play with my kitten!

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Home Office Inspiration

I don't know about you but seeing a perfectly organised, beautiful office space is so satisfying to me! I just wish tidying mine was as satisfying, I think some people are just born with the tidy gene. My office is currently, as my mum would say 'a shit tip'. There are boxes everywhere, it's sooo unorganised.

I've now finished decorating my living room *Cough* If you follow me on snapchat you may have seen an exclusive look at my newly decorated living room @siouxalice *Cough*. Pictures will be coming soon... just waiting to add a few finishing touches before sharing with the world.

Now it's time to decorate and rearrange my office. My 'home studio' is in my spare bedroom at home. It's pretty small and I do struggle for space however I'm hoping the rearrange will make it much better. I also have to squeeze Luke's work space/edit station into the office so wish me luck.

Some peoples offices are like a fucking work of art. I've been browsing Pinterest for ideas and found these gorgeous work spaces... Workspace envy much.

Loveeee that rug and if only I had a window like that in my house!

I'm thinking something like this for the office as Luke and I will be in there together.

The shelving in the picture is really great I need something like this!

This is a great idea for paper storage, love the pastel colours.

Keep an eye out for pictures of my updated studio. 

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Funny things people say about my cards at craft fairs #1

I've actually been wanting to write this post for ages. I'm just about the nosyest person you will ever meet so ear wigging on conversations people have about my cards is the perfect pass time at Craft Fairs. Here's a list of my favourite comments I've overheard over the years...

1. "Where would you use this card!? At a funeral?"

I laughed out loud at this mans comment, it was followed by his wifes disapproving face!

2. "You need to stock up on these!"

This is the most common thing I hear people say. They say great minds think alike... I hear this comment at every fair I participate in!

3. "I'm getting this to annoy my sibling"

4. At my last Craft Fair the Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport came up to my stall. Picked up this card and shook my hand!

5. "I need this in my life!"

A girl once ran straight over to my stall, grabbed this card, said "I need this in my life", bought it and left. Ha!

Meet Giuseppe

Eeeeeeeee! I can't stop looking at these pictures, he's so bloody cuteee!

I'd like you all to meet the newest member of the Sioux Alice family! Giuseppe. It's killing me because we don't actually bring him home until the end of July when he will be 12 weeks old. I'm so excited. He was born on the 24th April (which is also my Grandma's birthday and the day before Luke's so April will be a very busy month for us from now on!)

We went to meet him when he had first been born and his little eyes had JUST opened, he fit snuggly in the palm of your hand, so tiny. Yesterday I took my SLR along to get some nice pictures of him whilst he's still so young, he's around 8 weeks old now and he's grown so much!! What a little character, for some reason he loves to lick paper. He was playing with his sister for about 15 minutes until dropping off to sleep on Luke, yes, we both died of cuteness. I wanted to share him with you all!!


Look how fat his little head looks in this last picture! Obviously this won't be my last post on Giuseppe so keep your eyes peeled for the end of July! I hope this post has supplied you with you daily amount of cuteness!  




Time Away

Last week I spent quite a bit of time off from Sioux Alice. As a small business owner it's hard to 'get away'. Even when I'm not sat in my studio my head is always in work mode. Checking emails all day every day and with Etsy notifications constantly popping up on my phone, it is hard to switch off. I actually get withdrawal symptoms when I'm away from it! How crazy is that!?

Last week Manchester experienced a rare phenomenon called sunny weather. It was so hot! So just like everyone else, I had to make the most of it. 

Monday was spent with my boyfriend Luke. We went and did some shopping in the Northern Quarter, I discovered some really nice gift shops there which I hadn't been to before and obviously visited some of my faves like Thunderegg and Fig + Sparrow. Luke and I are addicted to Spanish food so we went for an amazing Tapas in Evuna. Gorgeous food. I highly recommend the Tortilla and the chips in mayonnaise are TO DIE FOR! My mouth is watering as I type.

On Tuesday I went to visit my bestie Amy. She's been doing her degree in Leeds for years and has finally finished her Masters. Can't wait to have her back home with me and I can see her all the time!!! 

Wednesday was spent catching up on some work, packaging and sending some new Wholesale orders for The Stagey Fox and Mookau. Shout out to my minions Mum & Grandma for helping me package them! 


I went to the beach with my Mum... yes that's right... the beach... in the UK... 

I also spent sometime with my Grandma and Grandad. We went to Brassington which is the quietest little country village you will ever go to! There was 'Open Garden' event where all the villagers opened their quaint, beautiful gardens to the public. I was very inspired to get on with my own garden. Look at the gorgeous rustic table! I want it!


I love this porch too with the draping wisteria 


So, my week was pretty jam packed and now the rain is back! So it's back to work for me... not really I'm actually off out for lunch with my friend Grace now! 

New Website & Cards!

I know, I know... this post is slightly late but I've been busy ok! 

A few weeks ago I finally picked up the courage and launched my new website. After selling on Etsy and having a blog for 2 years I wanted to build my brand further and 'branch out'. Launching my website was a HUGE thing for me and my business, was my shop ready for it yet? Websites take a hell of a lot of maintaining and nurturing but YOLO... it was going to happen one day so, why not now?

sioux alice website.png

The website took me a few months to create and a lot of hard work, frustration and procrastination (I think procrastination needs to be my personal motto, I'm so bad for it recently).  I'm really really pleased with the way the site came out and the response from everyone has been great especially from my best friend Amy who text me shortly after it launched simply saying 'Your website is on point.'

Mission accomplished!

Along with the new website I also launched 5 new cards.


Obviously inspired by my relationship with Luke. We are really bad for stuffing our faces and then slobbing out on the couch with food babies!

Annoy Someone

I created this card for 2 of my friends who got married in April so you could say they were the inspiration... 

Younger than me

To go with the 'Older Than Me' card

Treat Yo' Self

I gave this card to my Uncle John for his birthday the other day, it got a huge laugh!

Fo Real

Because I'm a tad obsessed with saying fo recently.

Let me know what you think of the new website and card designs in the comments below! Would love some feedback from my visitors.




I can't believe its mid March already, where on earth does time go!?

I've been fairly quiet over the last week or so as I've been really poorly (sad Jasmine)! I managed to blitz through 4 seasons of Pretty Little Liars and fold a couple of cards but I literally didn't leave my bed for a week! Whatever I came down with got me bad and my energy levels still aren't back to normal!

My mum made a post office run for me which was a massive help as I was able to get orders out as normal. Thank god this didn't happen during the Mothers day rush! My pet rat Savannah was very happy as she got hours of cuddles everyday.

This time of year is usually just steady for Sioux Alice, Mothers day in the UK is over and the next big holiday is Fathers Day. I'm using this time to sort out a few loose ends with Sioux Alice and I will make sure I get round to tidying the head quarters at some point! I'm literally jumping over boxes and working in a tip at the moment.

As you will know if you read my blog regularly I'm currently decorating my living room, it is alllllmost finished! Walls painted, new sofa and armchair ordered, Luke and I spent last night looking for some new light fittings and lamps however, we are yet to agree on something!

I revamped our 8 Euro dark wood coffee table from France. It took a long time to sand down but I'm very proud of myself. It looks like a completely different table, don't you think!?

Luke and I went out a few weekends ago to order an armchair from Arighi Bianchi and they had a warehouse sale on whilst we were there, we got a super discounted rug which is absolutely beautiful! I'm so eager to just get everything finished and show it off. Since we moved into our house we haven't even had a house warming party, I want everything to look just right before showing the world.

What you you been up to recently? Has anyone else been left bed ridden with the dreaded lurgy?

Mothers Day 2016

Introducing some brand spanking new cards which hit the Sioux Alice Etsy shop last week!! I worked my butt off designing them all so I really hope you can find something for your mama!!

Starting with the matching Cat & Dog cards! Of course this one was inspired by the Grandmother of my furbaby Savannah! I always call my mum a Savannah's Grandma to my pets and it seems so do a lot of people as these cards already seem to be the most popular of the range.


The next card is actually a remake of one of last years cards. I have found myself remaking quite a few of my old designs recently. Lets face it, I've grown to hate some of my old designs! I feel as my Etsy shop has grown my design style has become more solid and defined than it was previously. I tend to think a lot more carefully about each design and sketch it out before by hand before hand digitising it.


This card matches one of my Fathers day cards from last year. The card was a hit I had to make a mum version! The perfect way to get away with using swear words is to throw a compliment in there!


If I could give my Mum one of my cards for Mothers day it would be this one! (although I can't as shes seen it!!)


All the cards above and a couple of other newbies are now available on the Etsy shop. Hope you liked them and can find something for your Mum!!

Lunch Date - What I wore

I recently went out for a 'boozy' lunch and a catch up with my friend Grace to Napa in Bramhall. I decided to wear one of my new dresses. As its winter and fucking cold here I haven't worn a dress in a while! I did have to wear a cardigan over it (and a coat and a scarf) so I didn't freeze to death. I also had my long long hair all cut off, ahhh! So, thought it would be a good opportunity for a outfit post!

I'm a curvy girl so I find that dresses that cinch in at the waist and have a loose skirt look best on me, patterned dresses are also nice as it hides lumps and bumps!


 Get this look:
Dress: ASOS £29 (here
Shoes: New Look £19.99 (similar here
Cardi: H&M
Tights: Pretty much any shop!!
Earrings: These were actually bought for me by my boyfriend £11.38 (similar here)
Wrist band: I never ever take this off, its my Rainbow Bridge wristband for all my animals that have passed away £3.95 (here)
Bobble: Topshop
Necklace: Chain is from John Lewis £19 (similar here) and the charms on it are things I have collected on my travels such as a scuba diver, an elephant and a finger print charm from Silver Imprints. This is my boyfriends finger print in silver! I love it and he has a matching one with my finger print.

Living room inspiration

As some of you may know I moved into a new house with my boyf back in August. Our very first project is the lounge which we will be doing up in the next few weeks. Although we are pretty dead set on our colour scheme, Luke really likes the idea of having bold, colourful, Indian themed accessories where as I'm leaning more towards Shabby Chic/simple. I also really like hints of Boho as its sort of a watered down version of the 'Indian' bold colours that Luke likes.

I've been pinteresting like crazy to gather ideas and browsing Etsy for accessories. Heres some of my favourite things I've found so far.

Love this drift wood floating shelf by Golden Whistler Wood Shop on Etsy. I would really like a shelf wall in between two alcoves we have in our living room. Not only perfect for storing books and pictures but also means I can buy more ornaments! Yay! The wood is just beautiful and would match our dining room table perfectly (we have an open plan living room/dining room). Just need to find someone who sells them in the UK now.

Can't even get over these amazing knitted poufs by Nordic House. These would be a great statement piece in any living room and its also an extra place to sit guests (or your cat)!

Just in love with this patterned roller by The Painted House. I actually found them whilst browsing Pinterest and found their Etsy shop shortly after. I'm not a huge fan of wall paper so being able to have a feature wall using these is great! Once Luke and I can decided on a bloody pattern we both like we will be ordering one of these for our chimney breast!

Continuing the large knit theme is this throw. Huge fan of over sized knitted items at the minute and this throw by The Knit Therapy is just lovely! I really like the coffee table in this picture too.

How gorgeous are these draw knobs from Modernoartes on Etsy! I really love revamping old furniture and actually have two side tables I'm going to paint. These drawer knobs will add the perfect touch however I think I'm going to have a hard time choosing which ones to get!! I think adding little detailed touches to your furniture look so much more expensive and unique.

Now just to get the lounge painted and I can start accesorising!

Sioux Alice and I

Welcome to the Sioux Alice blog! I'm Jasmine and you can read more about me below. This blog features the life behind the scenes of an Etsy seller. As well as featuring new products from my Etsy shop it will also include everyday life, fashion, tips & tutorials, shop updates and Etsy finds. I hope you enjoy!

About Sioux Alice 

 Sioux Alice is a greetings card and stationary line which specialise in handlettered greetings cards. The humorous cards guarantee giggles with the recipient! The Sioux Alice range can be viewed here on my Etsy shop.

The idea of Sioux Alice began in January 2014. I can't remember exactly how I discovered Etsy but obviously, I'm so glad I did! My card line actually started off featuring photography of my pets, photography is definitely one of my weakest points so why I chose photography, I don't know! I started to create cards with hand drawn illustrations after coming to my senses.

Sioux Alice has come a long way since then and is now becoming more and more of a full time venture for me. My cards can be found in a variety of stores and websites in the UK. 

About Jasmine

Hello! My name is Jasmine (or Jas, whichever.) I'm a UK based greetings card designer. I live in (not so sunny) Manchester, UK with my boyfriend. I work as a graphic designer by day and a Sioux Alice business lady by night. Throughout my life I have always been very creative (seriously, I don't even think my academic side wakes up in the morning) Growing up with a wildlife artist as a Father and a DIY genius as a Mum, I would always be creating, drawing or looking for things to make.

Whilst I was at University studying my TV Production Degree, I became interested in learning Photoshop and Illustrator. My skills in this quickly developed and I would create interesting designs purely for fun. Then, one day whilst browsing the internet I discovered Etsy, I was inspired by all the online shops and started thinking that maybe this is something I could do! I've never looked back since.

I have a home studio (the Sioux Alice 'headquarters') where I design and package all my cards. Sioux Alice cards are professionally printed in Manchester on 350gsm card.


Netflix must watch!

For those of you that have seen my new 'Netflix & Chill' range you might have guessed that I'm a bit obsessed with my TV series.

I get attached to series like its my child or something. I'm a huge Netflix addict (I blame the British weather). The feeling of loss after a series finishes is all to familiar to me, I've been through it so many times and I mean, what on earth do you do with yourself now its over!? Oh my god and don't even get me started on them feels when your fave character dies... can't deal!

Since I consider myself to be a bit of a TV buff I'd like to share my favourite MUST WATCH series with you all! Don't worry, NO SPOILERS

1. Making a Murderer

Unless you've been hiding in a hole for the past few weeks you will have definitely heard pretty much everyone talking about this. Maybe some of your friends have discovered their inner lawyer (guilty) and consider themselves an expert on the case presented in the 10 part documentary series. You've probably witnessed some pretty long Facebook and Reddit arguments on it too! Seriously, everyones on the case. The docu-series follows the trial of Steve Avery after a local photographer, Teresa Halbach goes missing.

I found this show to be so addictive, you really need to listen to every word said. It will make you so angry that you want to fly over to Manitowoc and kick someone. I'm now watching it for the second time round. I got so into the case that I've actually read all the transcripts and watched all the interviews from the case. To be honest this stuff has always fascinated me, I've always said I should have been a detective.

And yes, like everyone else, I have my own 'who dunnit' theory.

2.  The Walking Dead

I really like horror movies and they don't (usually) scare me, but this series... scares me. However I do find I get scared over things other people don't... such as the Pretty Little Liars titles, I just can't watch the series because of that damn creepy singing!!

Anyway... back the TWD. The series follows a group of people trying to survive in a Zombie apocolyspe. I think you really get attached to certain characters in this series and the idea that any of them could be killed off at any moment fills me with dread, but it keeps me coming back for more every time! You will literally be screaming at your TV watching this.

I started watching this on a flight to Mexico so I was able to have a 10 hour binge watching sesh with the boyf! I was hooked immediately and I sort of didn't want the flight to end so I could keep watching it!!

3. Prison Break

So if Wentworth Miller isn't enough reason to watch Prison break maybe this will be. Its quite an oldie but wow does this keep you on the edge of your seat. You guessed it... the series is about a prison breakout. A man is wrongly convicted of a crime and this series follows the story of how his brother is trying to clear his name.

My mum actually talked me into watching this because I didn't really fancy it. After the first episode I was hooked. The love and utter HATRED you feel for some of the characters in this is unbelievable. Its got an extremely clever plot line (especially in the first series) that keeps you in constant suspense. I'm trying to get my boyfriend to watch it now but haven't succeeded yet!

4. Better call Saul

If you were a huge fan of Breaking Bad like me, this Netflix original is a must watch. It tells the back story of how Saul came to be a 'criminal' lawyer. It has quite a slow start but it picks up. I can't wait until its return! It also features the story of everyones favourite character from Breaking Bad, Mike!

5. Gossip Girl

This ones a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and I watched it purely just for the sake of watching something after 90210 ended.

Its one for the girls and I really enjoyed this series. Its definitely the odd one out from the list but if you like your girly series its a must watch. The plot follows the lives of 2 extremely glamorous, New York solicites played by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. I really love those two so this was a plus. The fashion and hair throughout the series is inspiring, however I almosy bought a £600 coat that Blake Lively wore in an episode, it was gorgeous!

The storyline can get a bit silly and after the millionth 'best friend fall out scene' it can get a bit predictable but gets so much better as the series goes on. I'm contemplating watching it again now I know who Gossip Girl is, I'm wondering if it would change the whole story into something different a second time round!

Have fun watching, I hope this has inspired you into a Netflix binge!

J x

Part timer

Monday was a milestone in my life as I officially turned my full time day job into a part time job. Never thought I'd see the day where Sioux Alice could be my main job but... here it is!

I have contemplated this for months, I knew I always wanted to take Sioux Alice to the next level but its hard to know when the time is right. I put it off for months because I was too scared to ask my boss because what if the worst thing ever happens and they say no!?!?! Omg.

Butttt they said yes so its all ok!

I really love my job. I work as a Graphic Designer in a school (yeah, I get all the school holidays off! BOOM!) but it felt like the right time as SA is getting more and more demanding, it will be so nice to work on it more and also have more of a life!

In my spare time I'm going to be doing up the house which I bought with my boyfriend in August! Our first project is the lounge and I do want to document the progress on my blog, so exciteddd!

In my new SA hours I'm going to be working a lot more on new designs (obviously) but also my marketing in the up coming months! I also really want to work on my photography skills!

J x

Its our 2nd birthday & 25% off!

Two years today I was sitting in my bed with my laptop on my lap uploading my first cards to my Etsy shop. How far it has come!

I'd dreamed of owning my own business and when I opened up my shop I was literally ADDICTED to it. I would get in from work every night and work on my Etsy shop until the early hours of the morning, I'd never be off the internet looking at tips and tricks for improving my shop and looking back now, I'm so glad I put all the hard work in.

Sioux Alice is now a huge part of my life and I'm so excited to say that as of next month, I will be going part time in my day job to help progress Sioux Alice further! Yay!

To celebrate our 2nd birthday I'm giving you all 25% off with code: SABIRTHDAY the code will be valid today and tomorrow only at www.siouxalice.etsy.com

P.S Resting Bitch Face mugs will be back in stock later today :)!!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular news & discounts!

J x

Introducing the 2016 Valentines range!

Yesterday I launched 8 new cards on the Etsy shop, 5 of which were my new Valentines cards! I've been planning these cards for quite a while and started designing them before Christmas. Valentines is my busiest time so I wanted to spend a lot of time thinking these cards through!

Most of my inspiration for the range is from real life situations (as usual.) I hope you like them! Links for all the cards can be found below...

1. Thanks for loving me even when my underwear doesn't match

This card is the latest in my 'thanks for' range. My inspiration for it is pretty obvious...

Purchase this card here (£2.25)

2. You're my favourite person the Netflix & Chill with...

I think this card is my favourite of the new range and it will also be included in my Netflix range. The 'Netflix & Chill' trend is pretty current right now so I just had to make a card for it!

Purchase this card here (£2.25)

3. There's no one else I'd rather steal the bed covers from

So, I see a lot of cards to GIVE to a blanket stealer, but what if you ARE the blanket stealer...

Purchase this card here (£2.25)

4. You'll find a valentine one day... but if you don't you could always get a cat

I wanted to branch out this Valentines and not just make cards for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wifes but also friends. After all we all love receiving a card on valentines no matter who its from

Purchase this card here (£2.25)

5. You're my favourite person ever

And finally this card. This is actually a card I have re-made from an old design which I had grown to hate. Recently I have realised that some of my old designs just arent 'my style' anymore and I've begun the revamping process!

Purchase this card here (£2.25)

I would love to know what you think of the cards so please let me know in the comments below!

Happy Valentines all!

J x

Last Valentines - the card that made Sioux Alice

I'm so excited. I've just sent my new Valentines card designs over to the printers. I've been working on these designs since before Christmas and I really hope you will like them. They should be in stock early next week! (ahhhhh)

For now I wanted to share last years most popular card. Not only is this card popular on Valentines day but its my shops most ordered card all year round. The inspiration for this card was purely just real life. I am guilty of prickly legs and my boyfriend still loves me all the same! (true love right there...) When I designed the card I had no idea the effects it would have on my little shop. The card can be purchased here

Over January and February last year this card was viewed over 86,000 times, it was featured on websites such as Cosmopolitan, Apartment Therapy and Buzzfeed, it was the top item on Etsy's trending items page for weeks and was ordered by a few thousand people on Etsy. Wow.

Until January 2015 my shop was steady and Sioux Alice was merely a hobby. I was getting regular orders every other day so as you can imagine, I had not prepared for my sudden busy period.

I think the day this card really took off was the 20th January, in just one day my shop had 23,000 views. The orders were flowing in at a scary (but extremely exciting) rate.

I had to 'employ' 3 minions to help me out a few nights a week (my mum, friend Grace and boyfriend Luke) and I really couldn't have done it without them. We stayed up until the early hours of the morning every night to get all the orders done, my mum went out on numerous stock runs whilst I sat at home churning through what I could of the stock I had left. At this point I was still printing the cards, scoring, folding and packaging them all at home. I must have had about 8 hours sleep and eaten about 5 meals in the whole of the Valentines period!

It was incredibly stressful purely for the fact I hadn't prepared for the card to be such a hit! I couldn't of done it without my helpers so... thank you Minions! I am forever grateful!

This card alone made my shop what it is today. It turned my hobby into a business which is becoming a full time venture for me. Thank you to all my customers for making my dream come true! Bring on Valentines 2016!!!

J x

New Products - Mugs & Notepads

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, its now time to get back to work after a few days off from Sioux Alice.

I can't believe I didn't even get chance to write a blog post about my new mugs before the 'Resting Bitch Face' mugs sold out!!! Wtf! Absolutely overwhelmed by how well they went down. I've got more on order so these can be expected in the next few weeks however if you are DESPERATE for a RBF mug they are now being sold in Donna Marie Gifts in Warrinton!

So yeah... here are my brand new mugs!!

Along with my mugs I'm also releasing 3 new notepads later on this week!

 Hope you like them!! Next stop Valentines day!!

J x