New Website & Cards!

I know, I know... this post is slightly late but I've been busy ok! 

A few weeks ago I finally picked up the courage and launched my new website. After selling on Etsy and having a blog for 2 years I wanted to build my brand further and 'branch out'. Launching my website was a HUGE thing for me and my business, was my shop ready for it yet? Websites take a hell of a lot of maintaining and nurturing but YOLO... it was going to happen one day so, why not now?

sioux alice website.png

The website took me a few months to create and a lot of hard work, frustration and procrastination (I think procrastination needs to be my personal motto, I'm so bad for it recently).  I'm really really pleased with the way the site came out and the response from everyone has been great especially from my best friend Amy who text me shortly after it launched simply saying 'Your website is on point.'

Mission accomplished!

Along with the new website I also launched 5 new cards.


Obviously inspired by my relationship with Luke. We are really bad for stuffing our faces and then slobbing out on the couch with food babies!

Annoy Someone

I created this card for 2 of my friends who got married in April so you could say they were the inspiration... 

Younger than me

To go with the 'Older Than Me' card

Treat Yo' Self

I gave this card to my Uncle John for his birthday the other day, it got a huge laugh!

Fo Real

Because I'm a tad obsessed with saying fo recently.

Let me know what you think of the new website and card designs in the comments below! Would love some feedback from my visitors.



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