Meet Giuseppe

Eeeeeeeee! I can't stop looking at these pictures, he's so bloody cuteee!

I'd like you all to meet the newest member of the Sioux Alice family! Giuseppe. It's killing me because we don't actually bring him home until the end of July when he will be 12 weeks old. I'm so excited. He was born on the 24th April (which is also my Grandma's birthday and the day before Luke's so April will be a very busy month for us from now on!)

We went to meet him when he had first been born and his little eyes had JUST opened, he fit snuggly in the palm of your hand, so tiny. Yesterday I took my SLR along to get some nice pictures of him whilst he's still so young, he's around 8 weeks old now and he's grown so much!! What a little character, for some reason he loves to lick paper. He was playing with his sister for about 15 minutes until dropping off to sleep on Luke, yes, we both died of cuteness. I wanted to share him with you all!!


Look how fat his little head looks in this last picture! Obviously this won't be my last post on Giuseppe so keep your eyes peeled for the end of July! I hope this post has supplied you with you daily amount of cuteness!  




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