Funny things people say about my cards at craft fairs #1

I've actually been wanting to write this post for ages. I'm just about the nosyest person you will ever meet so ear wigging on conversations people have about my cards is the perfect pass time at Craft Fairs. Here's a list of my favourite comments I've overheard over the years...

1. "Where would you use this card!? At a funeral?"

I laughed out loud at this mans comment, it was followed by his wifes disapproving face!

2. "You need to stock up on these!"

This is the most common thing I hear people say. They say great minds think alike... I hear this comment at every fair I participate in!

3. "I'm getting this to annoy my sibling"

4. At my last Craft Fair the Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport came up to my stall. Picked up this card and shook my hand!

5. "I need this in my life!"

A girl once ran straight over to my stall, grabbed this card, said "I need this in my life", bought it and left. Ha!

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