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I don't know about you but seeing a perfectly organised, beautiful office space is so satisfying to me! I just wish tidying mine was as satisfying, I think some people are just born with the tidy gene. My office is currently, as my mum would say 'a shit tip'. There are boxes everywhere, it's sooo unorganised.

I've now finished decorating my living room *Cough* If you follow me on snapchat you may have seen an exclusive look at my newly decorated living room @siouxalice *Cough*. Pictures will be coming soon... just waiting to add a few finishing touches before sharing with the world.

Now it's time to decorate and rearrange my office. My 'home studio' is in my spare bedroom at home. It's pretty small and I do struggle for space however I'm hoping the rearrange will make it much better. I also have to squeeze Luke's work space/edit station into the office so wish me luck.

Some peoples offices are like a fucking work of art. I've been browsing Pinterest for ideas and found these gorgeous work spaces... Workspace envy much.

Loveeee that rug and if only I had a window like that in my house!

I'm thinking something like this for the office as Luke and I will be in there together.

The shelving in the picture is really great I need something like this!

This is a great idea for paper storage, love the pastel colours.

Keep an eye out for pictures of my updated studio. 

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