Time Away

Last week I spent quite a bit of time off from Sioux Alice. As a small business owner it's hard to 'get away'. Even when I'm not sat in my studio my head is always in work mode. Checking emails all day every day and with Etsy notifications constantly popping up on my phone, it is hard to switch off. I actually get withdrawal symptoms when I'm away from it! How crazy is that!?

Last week Manchester experienced a rare phenomenon called sunny weather. It was so hot! So just like everyone else, I had to make the most of it. 

Monday was spent with my boyfriend Luke. We went and did some shopping in the Northern Quarter, I discovered some really nice gift shops there which I hadn't been to before and obviously visited some of my faves like Thunderegg and Fig + Sparrow. Luke and I are addicted to Spanish food so we went for an amazing Tapas in Evuna. Gorgeous food. I highly recommend the Tortilla and the chips in mayonnaise are TO DIE FOR! My mouth is watering as I type.

On Tuesday I went to visit my bestie Amy. She's been doing her degree in Leeds for years and has finally finished her Masters. Can't wait to have her back home with me and I can see her all the time!!! 

Wednesday was spent catching up on some work, packaging and sending some new Wholesale orders for The Stagey Fox and Mookau. Shout out to my minions Mum & Grandma for helping me package them! 


I went to the beach with my Mum... yes that's right... the beach... in the UK... 

I also spent sometime with my Grandma and Grandad. We went to Brassington which is the quietest little country village you will ever go to! There was 'Open Garden' event where all the villagers opened their quaint, beautiful gardens to the public. I was very inspired to get on with my own garden. Look at the gorgeous rustic table! I want it!


I love this porch too with the draping wisteria 


So, my week was pretty jam packed and now the rain is back! So it's back to work for me... not really I'm actually off out for lunch with my friend Grace now! 

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