Sketchbook Process

I've had such a busy few weeks, I finally brought my kitten, Giuseppe home. I have decorated my study and I'm now starting to think about Christmas designs! (Omg) I have been meaning to write this post for so long as I get a lot of questions about my process and how exactly my cards are created.

I wanted to give you an insight into how my card designs are born. The best way to describe this process is to show you a few of pages from my sketchbook. Designs often take a lot of thought, love and time before they are finished and I wanted to show you exactly how they all start off. 

There are 3 stages to my sketching process:

All my designs are completely hand drawn and most of them start out as a simple sketch on paper. Step one consists of drawing out a few rough sketches to test positioning of words and illustrations. This step is just to test the layout.

In step two I will test different fonts and lettering styles, move some words around but still keep to the general layout in step one. I will also sketch any decoration such as the rings in the 'Someone to Annoy' card. I love seeing how designs develop into their final form and I often make a lot of sketches before coming to a final decision.

Once I'm happy with the layout, fonts and any illustrations, I will create a big final sketch. This is step 3. As you can see this is the stage that looks most like the final product. The final drawing will then be photographed and hand digitalised using Illustrator and my graphics tablet. I then make adjustments to the letters and play around colours until I'm completely happy with how it looks.

So that just about sums up my sketching process. At some point I will do a blog post about how my cards are digitalised and finished in Illustrator but for now I'm going to go play with my kitten!

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