Hand Lettering Process - Nap Together

I get asked all the time how my cards are created so when I was designing some of my new cards (all the way back in August) I decided to film my 'digitalisation' process. It's now January (procrastination I know...) and my lovely Boyfriend has edited it all together for me as a timelapse. It pays off having a Video Editor as a boyf ;)

The video shows the final step in the design process, before this, the card is sketched and scribbled out mannnny times in my sketch book. This can be a very lengthy process but when I'm happy with my final sketch I photograph it and bring it into Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes I'm happy with the photographed image and only make little adjustments and change the colours. Other times, like you'll see in the video, I completely re-draw the card.

I'll let the video take it from here...

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