The day we got engaged!

This post is wellllll overdue but let's take a look back to Christmas when Luke asked me to marry him! AHH!

We had been planning on visiting New York at Christmas for YEARS! We are both obsessed with Christmas films set in New York and it just looked like the most magical place to be, at our favourite time of year. When Luke suggested we go for Christmas 2017 I was like hell yes... (omg maybe he'll propose)!

Luke had already told me months before the trip that he had a surprise Christmas present planned for me, not knowing what it was absolutely killed me! Will he!? Won't he!? I was secretly hoping that he would and was asking around to see if anyone knew what was going on.

We travelled to New York on the 22nd December. I had my nails done just in case... We got to New York and Luke was chill AF, for some reason I expected him to be more suspicious?! That was it, I convinced myself it wasn't going to happen. We woke up on Christmas Eve, (my favourite day of the year) and Luke told me my surprise was today! (OMG!!) We went down to breakfast and I did some more clue fishing. To throw me off the scent, he told me we were doing something adventurous and I immediately thought oh no, we were going bungee jumping off buildings or something.

We finished breakfast and started walking down towards Central Park. I remember walking past a ring shop on the way and joking that he should buy me an engagement ring. We got to Central Park and in the distance Belvedere Castle appeared (I had no idea there was a castle in Central Park!?) Luke led me to the top of the castle and onto a balcony area with an amazing view of the whole park (where the roof bit is on the higher level). He put me in the corner and told me to look out over the water and put my hands over my eyes. Nervously, I said "Are you going to push me off!?" still thinking we were going to be doing something adventurous! He had me stood there for what felt like forever. I remember thinking how stupid I must look to the people on the lower level, looking out on the view with my hands over my eyes!! He eventually asked me to turn around. He was down on one knee, holding a little box with a pink bow on the top. I still didn't know what was happening, was this happening? Why is there woman grinning at me!? Omg. He had a whole speech prepared which was so special. He opened the box and said "will you marry me?" Of course, I said yes followed by very excited jumping up and down! The grinning woman was like yay! Everyone clapped!


The ring is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and he had it designed and made just for me! (How lucky am I!?)

My Fiance, Luke (I can finally say that) is so thoughtful, he'd asked my Mum and my Dad for permission. He'd been out and bought pink champagne for when we got back to the hotel. The hotel staff had spread rose petals all over the room. He even had this jumper made for me to post on the SA Instagram.


I am one of those girls that has planned my wedding day since I was about 3 so when Luke asked me to marry him I was so excited! Keep your eye out for more wedding posts in the run up to the big day! I can't wait to marry the love of my life on 26/08/20!

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