New art prints

Hey guys!

Today is the day of my first art print launch!

A couple of weeks ago I put a picture of my home office on Instagram and everyone absolutely loved the cactus print that was next to my computer. I had made the print just for myself using the background of my ‘Plant Lady’ card. I framed it and felt really proud of myself (haha!). Anyway, I took to Instagram to find out if this is something my followers would be interested in and they were!


Art prints are something I’ve always ummed and ahhed about because (here’s that classic line) art is so subjective. I was always stuck with what kind of prints to do and what colours but I’m so glad I’ve finally taken the plunge! This print and 6 others are now available on my shop.

I’ve mainly been inspired by plants for this launch which I’m absolutely obsessed with ATM. Obviously, there’s a couple of quote prints in the range too (because we all know how much I love a good quote)! I’m so happy with how they’ve come out and I hope you like them too! Let me know what you think guys.

Sioux AliceComment