A day out at our wedding venue

Our wedding day feels well within reach now (16 months to go!) and I’m already getting pre-wedding nerves! When we got engaged we had 2 years and 8 months to wait which felt like FOREVER away but the time has absolutely flown by. We’ve been busy planning the day, booking suppliers and figuring out how it all works. I never imagined planning a wedding would be this stressful, I always thought people were just being dramatic haha!

On Sunday we visited our wedding venue for the second time. It was the open day at Dorfold Hall and it was so good to see it again with all the family! It really is our dream venue, everything about it is just perfect.

My dad managed to snap some lovely pictures which is a hard task considering how awkward we are! I thought it’d be nice to share them here!

Sioux AliceComment