New style, same old Sioux Alice


Hey guys!

The new website is complete, and the new greetings cards have finally launched, I hope you like them!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or read my last blog post, you’ll know I’ve been talking a lot about changing things up recently so I thought I’d talk a little bit about why I’ve had a bit of a change up in my website and style.

Sioux Alice turned 5 in January (can you believe it, because I can’t!) and I decided to take the plunge and finally, QUIT MY DAY JOB. Ahh! (Read more about this here)


Before Sioux Alice, I’d go to shops such as Paperchase or Scribbler to get cards for my friends and family and I was always drawn to cartoony, funny cards with cute illustrations on them, so when I decided to start a card range I knew I wanted to create funny, cartoony cards. As much as I still loved my cartoony style cards I sort of fell into the style of hand lettering I still use today, occasionally mixing it it with a cute illustration.

As you can imagine, over 5 years, trends, style and people change and I started to shop differently. I’d pick up cards that had no words, but quite abstract patterns or muted, watery colours/shapes and I got business envy! Haha! I love my hand lettered cards and frankly, I still bloody love a funny card so I didn’t want to change that, plus, I had no time to completely make over my brand to fit in with this new style I wanted to create. Whenever I would start to design a new range, I would really restrict my creativity, making sure each design fits in with my others. After all, this was a style that people knew me for and loved, but to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Fast forward to January 2019, I quit my day job (WOOHOO). I finally had the time to make something different and steer my business where I wanted. I got my sketch book out and went with whatever came to my mind. As I said before, I didn’t want to move away from funny cards or my hand lettering style. I still wanted my customers to be able to tell they were designed by me, so I decided to design cards with more muted, abstract shapes and objects. I’m obsessed with gold at the moment, so gold foiling was also something I definitely wanted to do. I finished my new designs at the end of February and I just felt so happy with what I had created. You can still tell they are ‘Sioux Alice’ designs, but they just have a much more modern feel.

Here are a few of the new cards but you can view the others over in my shop.



My next step was refreshing my brand and website, I had finally settled on a logo I was happy with about 2 years ago, but found it hard to use in certain contexts. I loved the flowing lettering of ‘Sioux’ so I decided to start using that as more of a watermark/stamp and use a modern, contemporary font over the top. I think this new logo gives me so much freedom to explore a new contemporary style. I came up with a new colour palette and decided to get rid of the turquoise colour that had been with me from DAY ONE! I replaced this with some muted pinks, mustards and rusty colours and I couldn’t be happier.




Colour Palette


I really hope you love the new cards, brand and website as much as I do! Let me know what you think :)!

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